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Report - Hartford Mill, Engine House, Boiler Room & Chimney - August 2010.


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Hartford Mill, Boiler Room & Chimney - Visited By Ojay & Hidden Shadow.

Built 1907 by the Hartford Mill (Oldham) Co Ltd. The Architect was F W Dixon, there were 120,000 spindles and power was provided by a very impressive 1500 hp Urmson & Thompson engine which was powered by the mighty Lancashire Boilers.

Having visited this mill numerous times over the years, I have never managed seem to get close enough to the old Lancashire Boilers.

My original report has since been removed, along with my last one where I went back to take photos of the Engine House & Rope Race and was actually sealed in whilst inside.

It's now become a standing joke with Bungle as each time someone visits this place we get the "FFS, You didn't get any pictures of the Boilers?".

And he has ribbed me for far too long for being to lazy to get back and get some shots :D

So [/Bungle] this threads dedicated to you, but joking aside there are very few examples of Lancashire Boilers left now in the Northwest, regardless of condition.

I met up with Hidden Shadow as he had managed to forget he had a holiday booked off work and turned up in favour of exploring :rolleyes:

That sorted we headed off for a mooch about, and called in at Hartford Mill along the way.

Now, I'm beginning to think that HS is some kind of bad omen when it comes to exploring derelict sites, as each time he goes somewhere, the Pikey's are ever present.

FACT: We had a previous encounter at DH Mallalieu's earlier in the year, and more recently he came across an axe wielding pikey at Borough Mill :eek:

Today was no exception, as we made our way to the engine house, there were 3 blokes climbing out of the Boiler House, they even had the nerve to ask us what we were doing FFS! One of them was carrying a clipboard and trying to act all official, but I think the Fosters T-shirt gave that one away!

"I fucking hate Pikey's"

They soon f@@ked off as we climbed into the Engine House, his parting comment was "It's dangerous in there" - "No Shit Dickhead".

We took a quick look around the Engine House first, only to discover the pikey's have now stole all the railings and gatry's from the roperace...

Next up was the Boiler Room, I spent a good 10 minutes taking pictures in here whilst HS basked in the sun.

After I had finished I went for a quick mooch about the back of Boiler No.2, I managed to squeeze through a small hole and now appeared to be in the Flue.

I was a bit of a stoop for 6ft but eventually I could stand up again. Ahead I could here a strange noise and the was an eerie breeze blowing through. As I turned to the left I saw a big shaft of light, Bloody hell this is incredible, I was now stood inside the chimney. I stood in amazement for a couple of minutes before going back to inform HS of my findings.

We both headed back and I took a couple of shots before leaving.

In your Mills...

Pictures Of Engine House - Taken on previous visit



Lancashire Boilers, since been converted to store Oil, hence the Asbestos lagging covering them






Inside the Boiler Room





Inside the chimney




Thanks for looking :thumb
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