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Report - Hartford Mill, Manchester - March 2014


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Visited with Mookster on a Road Trip
So next on our agenda during this total fail of a trip was a mill. Which was sealed. Great. So from there we went onto another mill which was not sealed!

Hartford Mill was constructed in 1907 to a design by F.W.Dixon. Hartford is one of the few mills in Oldham to have listed building status. The mill has been granted a Grade II Listed Status.

Hartford was extended during its operational years in 1920 and once morea in 1924. The building was powered by a 1500hp Urmson & Thompson steam engine which was capable of driving 120,000 spindles.

Hartford closed its doors as a Mill in 1959. In later years it was used as a mail order warehouse by Littlewoods until 1992. The mill has been abandoned since and has been stripped by thieves and trashed and burnt by equally scummy scroates.

This was our second successful explore of the Northern part of the trip, but the 4th successful on the road trip and the sixth successful on our week of explores. It was certainly refreshing to be in a vast mill on a lovely afternoon.

We had all day to explore and all evening to drive home, so we relaxed into the explore and planned to spend a good few hours on this. Or so we thought.








About 15 minutes into the explore I see a young girl about 14-15 years old out of one of the windows. I thought nothing of it, kids are always hanging about and lets face it, there are several schools in close proximity to the mill. Me and Mookie discussed this with each other and continued exploring. About 10 minutes later I lean out of a window to see something rising from an outbuilding, me and Mookie once again had a look and suspected wind was blowing up dust so once again went back to our pictures. Onto the next level I had another look and plumes of smoke were coming out of an outbuilding. 35 minutes into this explore we packed up and left, I grabbed my mobile and dialled 999 for the first time in my exploring years and requested the fire brigade. Two fire teams tackled what was probably a small fire, but that’s not the point. I hate to think what the parents are like…


I sound like an old man, but I certainly didn’t go round setting fire to buildings.

More at:
Hartford Mill - a set on Flickr


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Cracking shots, you sure it was Hartford mill ? if i'm not mistaken it's sunny…thats not right for Oldham….what was the sealed mill ?
Not to want to sound like a tool, looking at your last shot mate i think your sensor needs a good clean...

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