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Report - Hartford Mill, Oldham, Lancashire - August 2012


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Hi everyone,

This is our first report, and probably not the most interesting subject matter you've ever seen, but I hope we took enough good photos and chose the right ones from the 400+ we took to make it interesting enough viewing.

So yes, it's Hartford Mill again (I see it's been done a few times before!). This is august 2012, and I can report that not a lot has changed since the last report that someone did - Except there this absolutely nothing left inside maybe!? Seems the scrap metal merchants have enjoyed the fact that Hartford Mill can just be walked right into and has no security! The only new looking development is that the boilers on the ground floor have been almost sealed up with a breeze-block wall, I suppose because they are covered in asbestos?

So anyway, we were told about this place by a friend and decided it sounded like a good place to begin our urbex "careers", as there is no apparent security, and basically.. the front door is just open! We arrived about 9am, hoping that would mean any Oldham scallies would still be in bed! It was a nice sunny day, so good for the photos.

Here's a bit of history on the Mill (borrowed from Zer081's report on it - hope he doesn't mind?):

Hartford Mill, Oldham, September 2011

Hartford Mill was built 1907 by the Hartford Mill (Oldham)Co Ltd.
It was extended 1920 and 1924 and closed 1959.
In later years it was used by Littlewoods as a mail order warehouse until 1992.
The mill's Architect was F W Dixon, there were 120,000 spindles and power was provided by a very impressive 1500 hp Urmson & Thompson engine.​

And here are the photos. I hope there's not too many?:

The tower

The chimney

The first view inside (complete with posing MaDiZon)

Nice colours I thought.

The floor seems to be covered in debris, compared to previous reports

And among the debris.. Slappa da bass?

Thar be monsters..

On the top floor the roof has fell in

And nature is taking over amongst the melting tarmac of the roof materials.

As with everything.. broken..

Stuck in the Rough!

Oldham through a window

A view down into the engine room I think? We didn't get to it for some reason.

We ventured down to the ground floor, dark & featuring great lighting.

Light from 1st floor..

Outside we found the boilers behind a new wall

And a damsel in distress!

Hope it was of some interest to someone! We hope to visit some asylums (as everyone does, I'm sure) next and get some interesting photos up on here.

Thanks for looking.

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