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Another Mill in Oldham will soon be demolished. This was Grade 2 listed, but that means bugger all these days.

Probably the first steps of many Northeast Manchester explorers, the easy access and size of the place made it tempting for many. Gutted inside for years, but the engine house was always worth a visit as well as the unique hole in the roof. If you fancy a visit or even a revisit get here soon, as when Oldham Council want to demolish something it happens fast! The mill unfortunately is well beyond repair.


Demolition Company is now in-situ at W H Shaw at Diggle, can see some of that being flattened soon for the new school.


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Shame as was FW Dixons show piece and I imagine stunning when in full swing

It's been neglected and left to rot to the point it would cost over 30 million to do anything useful with it

Sadly I have to say it's time to go now and a crying shame it wasn't restored/converted since it closed in 1969 :(

Oxygen Thief

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Damn shame. Always enjoyed exploring here, always a challenge to overcome somewhere.


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This was my first explore a few year back, wasn't great then and every time I drive past it just gets worse, it will be a sad day when this place goes.


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Fair to say I don't have a great memory of this mill, some little shites set fire to it whilst I was inside a few years back. Needless to say we got out pretty damn quick and phoned the fire brigade...

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