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Report - Hartley's Brewery, Ulverston April 2012


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Goodness, I think this might be the first report I've posted this year. What a slacker! Well since I've been up to my elbows in fabric and gallery wankers, I haven't been exploring so much so when we trundled off to the Lake District in Esmeralda last week, I scheduled in a bit of the in-in amongst the in-out in-out.

I got a message from Speedio saying that there was a brewery near where we were going to be hitched so on our last day, we moseyed on down to Ulverston to have a gander. Getting in the main bit was no problem but we had a few internal issues which meant we couldn't get round it all. I've put it in here so other guys can go and have a proper look but be aware that the yard is being used. There were cars parked in there and computers left on standby, hence why we were a bit hesitant about poking around much more.

The office look like they're going to be interesting, there's some nice personalized ironwork on the windows which I thought was a nice touch yet also slightly irritating as it meant we couldn't open the windows.

Here's a little bit of information for the breweryists out there. There's more online if you want to have a dig around.

The Hartley's site had been brewing from 1755 until 8th November 1991. In 1850, it was sold to T. Jackson, Fell & Co who ran it until the mid 1870's. A John Booth then took over. On the 17th July 1896 the Old Brewery was conveyed from the Trustees of John Booth to Robert and Peter HARTLEY. On the 29th December 1919 Hartleys [Ulverston] Limited was incorporated. On the 16th July 1982 the company, including 54 pubs, was acquired by Frederic Robinson Limited, Unicorn Brewery, Stockport. Brewing ceased on the 8th November 1991 ... a total of 236 years of traditional beer brewing.




















I especially liked this "lazer wire" :p




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