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Report - Hartwood Asylum North Lanarkshire September 2013

Hector Rex

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Hi all,

This is my second first report so go easy. (the first i posted about half an hour ago) I know its on a trip a few months back and the phone photos aren't the best but bare with me..

So after exploring some old stations and tunnels under Glasgow (my first real urbex adventure) and coming out to realise we had plenty of light and time left, an equally noobish Urbex anthusiast and I headed down to the Hartwood Asylum, about 20 miles out of Glasgow, for and afternoon of exploring..

anyway here is a bit of history about the place, i know its been explored a fair few times and there are a a few other reports floating about on 28DL about it so I'm sure many of you will know the story..

The Hospital was founded 1895 and in its heyday catered for over 2000 patients; one of the largest hospitals in the UK. It has some impressive victorian architecture with two dominating clock towers that can be seen over the trees from a fair distance away. with the care in the Comunity act the hospital was labelled for closure, with the last patients leaving in the late 90's. it was then taken over by lanarkshire TV for a short while, although they removed little hospital equipment and were unable to maintain the building on thier small budget. on the same site was a nurses training facility which closed in the early 2000s. I have yet to explore this as daylight was fading when we left the main hospital bulding.

The hospital was entirely self sufficient offering occupational therapy to patients of the hospital run farm and on the extensive grounds.

after closure the hospital fell into considerable disrepair, however it still makes a forboding impression on the landscape.


approaching the Hospital


So much glass


floor 1


old television equipment.


getting higher..


and higher..


looking back towards the nurses training and accomodation facility.


inside the clock


and we're on the roof, looking back across the old playing fields.


the till



looking back

well those are some of my better shots from the evening. Not quite up to the standards of some of you photogrphers out there but it was still a good fun day out!


the Nurses accomodation and training block, something to have a go at next time I'm in the area!

thanks for looking,


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