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Report - Hartwood Hospital, Shotts - July 2019


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Originally opened in 1895, Hartwood Hospital served for a full century before it was closed down in 1998. The hospital was designed to be self-sufficient, it had farms, gardens and even a railway line. Hartwood went down in history as the first place in Scotland to perform lobotomies – notorious procedures that frequently turned fully-grown human beings into vegetables. Electroshock therapy was also frequently used. Despite everything, the number of patients kept growing and at one point reached 2,500. The hospital grew so large that it was dubbed a “hospital-village.” Things were going well until 1990 when the Community Care Act appeared. This law change resulted in the closure of many asylums. Hartwood Hospital suffered the same fate and was finally closed in 1995. Only the administrative buildings were kept in use for a couple more years, but they too were abandoned in 1998.

Straightforward access to the actual sites as its renown for being a 'dog walkers haven'. The first building standing alone was so much bigger than I expected to be but all of the ground level entry window / doors have been bricked over, same with the other site further over the railway bridge so could only manage externals here.

The initial walk onto the site greets you with the main building.

Some closer externals

Literally wondering what tf was behind the concrete, and how I was ever going to tackle that... More of an angle of the measures they've gone to to keep people out I guess.

And then taking a wander over the railway bridge and up to the other buildings.

The clock towers from the otherside.

and in other lighting


Heading inside the remains of an old section

All doors on the left hand side were welded up tight, no chance of budging them.

The traditional broken ceilings picture.

Thought the overgrowth on this digger looked quite sweet to be fair.

Thanks for looking :)
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