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Report - Harty road Air-Raid shelter - Sheppey April 2021


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I don’t know where to really put this report for 2 reason

1) it’s technically public as it on a walking route
2) I only have a few pictures

anyways I’ll crack on ..

sheppey is only 30 mins drive from me just basically the other end of the ME postcode so still fairly local to me ..

I epxlored a different part of sherness that I never been to , but to be honest it just roads road and road and lots of foot parths though feilds

anyways forget all that - let crack on we drove to sherness just like we normally do but this time we went down to harty - well there nothing really hear other than lots of feilds and walking route

Not gonna lie I saw the bunker online in a comment with someone I was talking to about something eles in sherness , I was then also told by a good friend of mine about it so who sent me the subbrit link to it .

the bunker it self is very small and was a nice little mooch as we walk down the walking route I even scared someone by mistake who walked into the bunker as I was walking out as I said the bunker is on a public footpath so it has visitors daily

it’s in very good condition too.

Anyways some history :

The shelter consists of a single room with a blast-protected entrance. In one corner of the room, there is a square escape shaft in the roof above with iron bars across the corner acting as a ladder. Adjacent to the entrance passage there is a single toilet cubicle.

Front of bunker - on the public footpath


The escape shaft

Some photos of the inside nothing much TBH



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