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Report - Harvington Water Mill - July 2011


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Visited with Happyshopper :thumb

Lazy summer evenings ! ..... you gotta love them.
After a day at work i cannot think of a better way to spend a few hours chillin ;)

Harvington Mill is Located on the river Avon near Evesham, Harvington Mill is a grade II listed building, listed since July 1994. It originates from around the year 1800, and in the early 1900s the machinery replaced and upgraded.

It consists of two parts - the main 3 storey block which has sadly had the original slate tile roof replaced with corrugated steel cladding, and a second 2 storey block on the east end. There was at one point an extension to the main block but this has since been demolished. The main water wheel was on the exterior of the west end (main block) and a second bypass wheel was located between the two blocks.

The outside wheel is nearly entirely rotten away, leaving only parts of the iron frame, but the bypass wheel is more complete with most of the beams that braced the frame also in tact. Unfortunately the original wooden buckets have all long since fallen away.

The interior is largely stripped out, but retains the original (1900s) primary gearing and additional gears and bearings.

Most of the water has now been diverted around the mill and very little passes through save for when the waters are very high. At some point restoration work begun on the mill, but has not been active on site for quite some time. The building has since been locked up and sadly nature is beginning to take it back. (nicked off HS) :thumb

Pictures :














Thanks for looking :thumb




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It is in such a sorry state. I last took photos in 2016, and in the year that had gone by since I had previously visited, there were more bricks missing, and brambles and undergrowth made it impossible to get close enough to peer inside. The attached were taken in July 2015. In June 2016 I took the bottom three in this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3bx47hEBXH3vhKlj2


The Kwan

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I know it was a long time ago but there is something very lovely about the wheels, stones and cogs in your report, however compared to sadlerwells photos in 2016 it seems a worthwhile visit that you made seven years ago to document the place for posterity, well in :thumb


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Wow - I remember seeing this place when I was little, my grandparents (RIP) had a caravan near to it and I went for walks with my family all round there. I remember seeing this building up close and my dad telling me that someone had bought it and was planning to restore it, having already partly put a new roof on it. Clearly this did not happen, and in a way I am quite pleased that it didn't - fascinating to see inside it after all this time. Thankyou for the pics over 25 years on from when I last saw it.

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like this. Yesteryear and cogs, very photogenic. Love the different effects/lighting . Wow 2011, wonder what state if any its in now. Good report this.:cool:


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There was talk of someone trying to turn it into a restaurant with rooms. Usual story. Sadly it will just fall down.


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Hi, 1st time poster. I managed to get round there a few month ago and putting some aerial footage together. My YouTube is Grecko Indie Media with footage uploaded so far for anyone interested in seeing it from the air.
I 1st came across this lovely building about 15yr ago whilst on a fishing trip and had a good look around inside but misplaced phone photos.


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