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Report - Harworth Colliery - Power House and Upcast - January 2015


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Harworth is somewhere everyone should know and seeing as it has been sitting there since disused since 2005 i would expect everyone to have at least gone for a look at whats going on when they are heading up the A1. Of course thats not the case and thats why the place is now being demolished without even half the site being explored. The Baths, Offices and Coal prep went a few years ago without being seen, now the whole downcast side of the pit has gone with only the head stock being photographed. Luckily there are a handful of people out there who do try otherwise the whole place would probably vanish without trace.

Since UK Coal folded the situation here has slackened to the point that the site is actually fairly easy. There are security patrols and limited CCTV which means you might get caught but hey thats what exploring is all about! When i last went with Clebby at the beginning of Novemeber we did indeed fall foul of the security who kindly showed us out. In the months that have followed ive been dieing to get back before the place went but ive been busy elsewhere until now.. My heart sank a little when only a single head stock appeared on the horizon but i guess it could have been worse. Entering the site proved easy and i spotted an entrance into the powerhouse almost immediately which was good because that was one of the areas yet to be explored by anyone. Inside i managed to see the compressors and boilers house but the substation was locked up so i turned back for the remaining head stock which again proved simple. On my way out i realised i was no longer alone on site, workers had turned up and were milling about near the downcast remains so that stopped play for the day.

I urge anyone even vaguely in the area to go here now and see it before it is gone. It really is one of the last you will get to see, especially of this age. The air drift, several ancillary buildings and half the power house are yet to be explored so lets see if we can do it hey? It would be nice to collectively succeed for once.

Power House






















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I'm glad you got round at least some of the powerhall former winding house block, The compressors look much older than I'd have guessed which is great.

Shame about the downcast side, I guess it was inevitable that it should go as soon as they finished back-filling. I'm a bit gutted to have missed out on the new winding house which was well secured when we were last there. I've got to get back here soon as I'd really like to find the up-cast winder control cabin which eluded us...


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Yeh id go back, more to see! I was thinking about what you were saying about the lamp room. The 'tunnel' walkway thing that went across from the little head stock into the bottom of the powerhouse had been demo'd and you could walk down it right under the powerhouse and (if not for a gate) out the other side. It had alot of safety posters in there and a locked door which im betting has to be into a lamp room. It dont see much purpose for that tunnel otherwise?! There was also a big bank of filters on the outside of the building there which didn't seem to tally up with what id expect to be in there.


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Ah yes, very tasty! :thumb

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