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has any of you tried geocaching

have you tried geocaching

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Yes, also it's not really UE related but I guess no harm in general chat

PS, you don't need to add a poll to everything, just a general chat will suffice :thumb
Yep that's why I put it in general was not going to put it asylums since I found one in Denbigh ;)

surrey urbanex

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i think i understood a diff sort of geocaching ie hiding of needed stuff at regular explore sites and then markin on gps cams drone batts mem cards and a grinder lolo


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I’ve hear the hardest ones the find in the uk are deep inside the Box mines in Wiltshire, not my cup of tea though but I still respect them and leave them undisturbed.


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Seems pretty pointless when there's actual exploring that can be done, its a great excuse to use though if you ever get caught, saved me a couple of times...

Bikin Glynn

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Used to do a fair bit but cant be bothered now!
The "5 terrain" rated are fun, usually up trees or one I did at the top of an abutment under an A14 flyover that needed climbing gear to get!
The one in Box has long gone btw