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Report - Haslar Hospital, Portsmouth March 2015


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What a place this is... its one for the "to do" list if you havent and that was only from the brief bits we saw, more of that to come though...

Brief bit of history stolen from elsewhere on the net but theres a fair few more detailed bits of history on here...

The Royal Hospital Haslar, completed in 1762, was built to provide a dedicated military hospital for the Royal Navy. Set in over 60 acres of beautiful parkland, with many Georgian Grade II listed buildings and a prime seafront location, Haslar has a long tradition of delivering care and well-being to its residents.

In November 2009 the Ministry of Defence (MoD) sold the site to OurEnterprise, a company dedicated to a community-led regeneration.

Today the Royal Haslar site extends to approximately 62 acres of land and comprises approximately 75,000 square meters of buildings. Eighteen buildings on the site are either Grade II or II* listed.

So now a bit of the explore... five of us made the mission down from London, couple of members - Alphonse Gangitano and BroDizzle and then two of our mates. We'v been friends for far too long and some of us live down in London and the rest still up north, this was a weekend get together especially for this! The journey was a ball ache to say the least, took us two hours more than it should have but we were buzzing for it and the time was irrelevant! Got there mid afternoon and had a good scope of the site, went all around the perimiter, chat with a few fishermen on the bank, thought the police were very observant and must have clocked us but turns out thy must just patrol the area on a regular basis. So having sussed out couple of entry points and it being busy round and about we decided to go get some food and move in after dark.
Quick message to a board member who gave us a bit of info on entry and we were ready to go. It was dark now and we got into the site and then moved towards the buildings, was moving through and then bang we were hit by a flash light. Gutted... all that way and got caught before we even got in. Shit! Pretty unlucky how we got caught as we were told as we were escorted off site. Bit of chat and banter off secca and there was only one thought on my mind... we're going back in.

So that was it, entry point one busted but the second was ready and waiting for us. Straight round to that one and we were in no problems! Yes! after the high of getting in first of all to then getting caught and then back in we were looking forward to this one. We made a way around some of the buildings trying all sorts to find a place to get in, scoped out couple of spots before going back to one we found was a winner. We were in... good mission round one of the side buildings, kitchen areas and stuff like that but we wanted the main block with the good stuff in. Found the sky bridge thing but crossed it and then the doors were padlocked shut! gutted again! Eventually we found a way into this building, lets just say it was one of the more precarious ways i have done... This was into the hearing dept think, few sound proof rooms and the like but not a lot else in there. Oh well must be a way into the main building... nope... it was still sealed off... feck! all that loonacy effort and to no avail! Spent the next hour or so stealthing it from the secca trying to find entry to the main block but missed it... just means to have to go back now!

Might have been a fail in the fact we didn't get into the main block but great mission around and bit of fun with the secca! looks like someone else was more successful on the same day though as report was done the day after i think with all the main block done. Secca had a field day that day though and caught loads!

Few not great pics but the next time will be better!



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Hi mate, not sure what you have done with linking your photos but its only showing thumbnails - and to be fair its too much faff to click on each of them to see the pic, you may want to sort that out ;)

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First, thanks for putting the report together, always insert the images as full size, not thumbnails.

You were lucky not to get the police treatment, the security there are jerks.

On another matter, Haslar was completed in 1762, but I can't see anything older than 1992 in your pictures.


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Thanks, was a great mission around. Needs to be conquered though so going back for sure!

will have sort out of the pics, dunno what i did this time. been a while since been able to get out and do some to report on.


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Yeah is an awesome place, on my second trip i got stuck in the same area as you did. Managed to get in via another precarious way though. Nice report!