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Report - Hastings College Buildings - Academy 6*


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
One or two reports have been posted on this, but it is in bad need of an update. What I'm getting across here, is that if this building is on your 'places I need to find time to visit list', you need to be looking to go there ASAP. After visiting the main College sight, I discovered the Academy 6* building further down the road by accident. When arriving on sight, I quickly realised that the building was looking considerably more worse for wear than it did on the reports here. The last report on this place was done in January 2012, so I thought I would update. Upon entering the building, I realised the building condition (internally) is absolutely awful. It looked like people had run in (armed with a couple of good old sledge hammers) and battered the place up. Walls where spread dismally across the floor, while where the floors were wooden, many of the boards had been ripped up and the ceilings destroyed. When leaving the site, I noticed a planning application taped to the lamp post. From what I gathered, the place was meant to be demolished Nov 2012, and from the state of the inside, it looked as though they had already started, but stopped at least a couple of months ago. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of what's going on with this place, as the internet returned nothing. :banghead

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