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Report - Hastings College of Arts and Technology (HCAT) febuary 2011


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Hastings College of Arts and Technology (HCAT) february 2011

Met up with a couple of other fellow explorers to finally do Hastings college. Much easier than i thought to get in which is always a good thing at my age!!.

The place is totally trashed lots of smashed windows and graffeti everywhere. Saw the infamous 28dl graff lol.

Photos are all point and click ive never been a good photographer. so sorry about that.lol.

Anyway heres the photos.






















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Thanks for putting up these photos - especially of the 3rd floor electronics lab / dept.

I studied there moons ago and had to bail from my second year due to personal circumstances. I always wanted to go back and start over but never had the chance. I'll never get it now unless I invent a time machine.. which would be counter productive as I'd already have learnt electronics by then lol.

I still miss the place. It was a time of my life that was troubled and extremely hard compared to others of my age but I still had family and a glimmer of hope of a better future back then. Life still had a bit of magic to it.

I knew the college had plans to move but never actually thought they'd happen. When I found out that it had and the archery road ground was in the process of being demolished I was pretty gutted if i'm honest. Had I known earlier I'd have joined some of you in a final sortie of the site.

Lecturers that I studied with (who's names I can remember - but in no particular order):

Richard Marshall Maths legend. No seriously, this fella was up at Hawkings level I swear.
Valentine Gwynne Tech drawing and machine shop lecturer, came up with a winning method of betting. He dated my mum when I was 6.. hence I was one of the few students to know his first name LOL!
Brian? The machine shop technician
Nick Mucci Motor Vehicle lecturer and general laugh.
Keith Brister Fabrication / tech drawing lecturer (Another legend - really decent nice guy)
Dave Keiths fabrication workshop technician
Another Dave IT lecturer but also dabbled in some electronics and chatted to Mr T in his lunch.
Dick / Richard / Mr T Electronics tech and a traditional decent bloke. Everyone liked him.
Dave Inder Electronics tech and highly strung grumpy git but deep down he has a heart (made of plastic)
Colin Jenner Electronics lecturer and old moan, gave me several roastings but had the most awesome stories to tell
Melvyn Ball Electronics lecturer and total gentleman.
Roger Warren The man "big fat hairy diodes" electronics lecturer (and it wasn't me who left your bloody scope on lol) - thats his lab with the tables that have blue legs
Martin P Bates Great guy, wrote several books about PIC porogramming but I never did understand his lectures!
Dave Shillabeer You said I'd got an A for my trigonometry test then marked me a B - with NO MISTAKES MADE! Why??? #HopeKiller
Bob! Tall fella with glasses - CAD man.. always smiled. Lovely guy.
Alison Study centre lady who would help anyone she could / arrange tutors etc. 100% genuine.

RIP HCAT I miss you, your staff and the glimmer of hope you brought me for a while in my troubled world.

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