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Information - Hatfield Colliery - Doncaster (June 2019)


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Not really a report as such, we visited with the intention of having a look round but it appears this place is manned 24/7 with security. Looking online it can be seen that despite not being owned by the council they are paying circa £150000 a year to maintain and guard it - with risks of "reputational damage" being cited as an issue should an incident occur. The site closed in August 2015 and closely avoided demolition later that year being given listed status a mere 24hrs before it was due to take place. Whilst, in 2018, its future was thrown into doubt with a report showing that the headstocks were not built with a rare "internal lattice structure" as previously thought, it remains guarded to this date and there is no indication that it is going anywhere. We were able to walk right around the site without disturbance by from anyone, but there is an inner fence with a cabin and dog van. It would be fairly easy to get over the fence and in but its quite a small and open site so you've quite a big risk of getting caught. Still managed to get a few decent photos and was interesting to view from the outside nonetheless.







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28DL Full Member
I don't think security are that bothered about anyone walking around the perimeter. The dog handler was eyeing me up and showing off their dog as I walked around tho
We got no bother being on the site, you can walk on easily and we saw others walking dogs and driving round on quad bikes etc. We thought the the van might have been there for show but the back doors were open and we later saw him walking round with the dog.

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