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Information - Having Problems With Low Light After Sony Vegas Pro Render?

What editing software y'all use?

  • Sony Vegas

  • Adobe Premier Pro

  • Final Cut Pro X

  • Other

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So... I had a Canon EOS 100D that couldn't reach a high ISO and Sony Vegas render makes things darker (which doesn't help) so how'd u fix it? Well, check below ↓↓↓


You should be familiar with the FX tool as shown. Click on that then,


Pick "Sony Levels" and try the settings shown above.
If the settings shown don't show enough try tinkering them but do be warned, the brighter you make it, the more noise your going to get in the render

Mastering this might take time as you can never be sure of what the final render will look like.
Hope this helped a few

Edit: Just going to link the video if anyone wants to see the end product
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