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Report - Hawick Cottage Hospital, Hawick - 2019


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Small Hospital in the borders thats sadly past its best. So few people ever made it inside the best bit :)


House on the Hill

Old lamppost

Side on

Along the Front

Foundation Stone

Gorgeous Wood Detailing

Old Treatment Room

Day Room

Missing Ceiling

Main Corridor (&Toilet)

Locker ROom

Ward & Bed

Which Way

And the best bit from way back on that first visit. "The Shanks"

Enjoy :)


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I think people mistake the chapel of rest for the mortuary and give up. We called in a few weeks back but the real mortuary was well sealed up.


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Nice - I've been here twice and still not found the mortuary (which is annoying as it's not exactly a large site!)


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ah nice to see this place crop up again, thanks for posting. Must be about 6 years since i last visited, and no I never found the mortuary either. Surprised they havent done anything with this site by now though.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Really nice to see here again, been a few years since I was there and the mortuary was sealed. Floors were shit then too lol. I remember taking my mate here after a drunken fight outside what was the no 10 pub lol

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Liking this, the lighting is very cool. Some nice natural decay there too. :cool:

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