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Report - Hawick Cottage Hospital - May 2018


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No reports on this place so thought we'd check it out whilst looking at other places... On getting in the reason that there's probably no reports is quite clear! It isn't particularly vandalised, just suffering from dry rot and water ingress. Lots of ankle snapping floors, and ceilings which have totally collapsed. Inside is devoid of interesting features, although externally the building is appealing, the detailing to the lampposts was a nice touch,

Hawick Cottage Hospital is a good example of a purpose-built small regional hospital that displays some good Arts and Crafts detailing such as decorative timber bargeboarding. It is prominently sited on high ground overlooking the cricket ground to the north. The building has expanded over the years from the 1884 core, but the additions of 1924 and the later 1930s are sympathetic and form a cohesive whole. The hospital was built by public subscription, following a bazaar to raise funds, and was opened on 31 August 1885. A detached X-Ray block was built in 1924. The site closed in 2007, and there is planning permission in place to convert to accommodation.

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Thats in rather a sorry state now. I briefly popped in here for a nosy about a couple years back, as like you point out it looked like it had potential on viewing the outside, but dropping to bits on the inside. Didnt bother getting camera out as i couldnt see anything particularly worth a photo of lol. Cheers for the update, i guess even in its condition its still worth documenting the place.


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I've been here. Was rushed round something mega close by for this as you can probs imagine inwasnt best pleased lol.

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