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Report - Hawthorne & Leslie, ShipBuilders, Tyneside 18/10/2007


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Visited with The Loon, Loons Lady, Mykal and friend (Dave? sorry).

Went for a quick explore, but were spooked by some old bat calling someone else :( so made ourselves scarse to be on the safe side. then returned a few hours later with the Loon for a proper rumage about, and found a few nice finds. Including original pictures of ships and people at work in the drawing offices (will get the negs and pictures scanned up:) soon enough.

found out that Hawthorne & leslie ALSO built steam locamotives, whcih would explain a few of the drawings I saw (boilers).
see here...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawthorn_Leslie_and_Company

also found some pictures of ships (now scrapped in india) that were made here..

sorry XM I nicked your outside picture as I forgot to take one (AGAIN :mad: getting real bad at not taking exterior pics).


the storerooms.


looking back out of the storerooms.


whats left of one of the offices. full of artifacts in here, including quite a few photos of workers and ships built/refurbed here. and about a thousand takeaway tins.


found this bloke :) not sure who he is, but I intend to find out.


the loon vibrating around a bit.


the now infamous mini excersise bike.


overview of the main warehouse, theres another next door, but the security hut looks right into it, so maybe a tad difficult.


found at the back, maybe half a dozen coils of this ship's rope.


'Dogs' LOL


more of the piked out mess (years and years old)


again at the back of the wharehouse in the dim gloom.


one of two courtyards, this one I took a few pics of the biggest web of drainage pipes you've ever seen, however my camera appears to have deleted the good ones :crazy


A look over the river at Swan Hunters shipyard (in wallsend) being stripped down with gas axe's, that big red crane on the left is currently been targetted by a load of poles, whilst th red one at the back is half way down already and being shipped over to india :mad:


by the time the sun is up again on swan hunters more of it will be gone. its very sad, wish I could have been here 20yrs back when this part of the time would have probably had 15-20 different ships been built in it.

As we left some chavs on the other side of the river were busy burning some remains of a shipyard that was JUST to the west of swanhunters, its 3 drydocks are pretty nackered.

AS I said earlier, I will get the pictures of past ships/workers posted up, keeping it alive :thumb

more pictures here...
http://s183.photobucket.com/albums/x30/brickman_photos/Hawthorn Leslie ShipBuilders/



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Re: Hawthorne & Leslie, ShipBuilders, Tyneside 18.10.2007

found some more info on some ships built in 1902/03. one seemed to get around quite a LOT!! atlantic crossings, then meddertarnian and all over :thumb could do the atlantic liverpool to boston in 5/7 days :eek:

asbesto's = lots, p3 in confined spaces is generally a good idea. builders nicked mine but luckily I found a brand new one in hawthorn that was brand new in box :D and about 20 filters for various other masks.

H&L in the last years (maybe upto 2003) made some fancy sheet metal sculptures. will get then pictures posted up too

an example of what they used to build...

they built approx 6-10 destroyers between 1938-1944 that saw active service, and a few in 1945 that didn't. inc minelayers/sweepers, destroyers, tank transporters, cruisers, I've found records of a few, but there are many more that got built (less than 2,000tonnes) that I haven't found records of.

tis addictive this research!!


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