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Report - Haxo, station abandonné (paris)


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Constructed in 1920 on the line between Porte de Lilas and Pré Saint Gervais, Haxo is one of two stations in the métro which was built but never finished nor opened to the public.

The station has only one platform, which sits on a piece of track named la voie des fêtes. No stairs or surface access was ever installed so Haxo provides some hurdles, insurmountable by the manhole crowd. The highlight of the trip is often the trains stored in the approach tunnel, la voie des fêtes, and sometimes even in the abandoned station itself.

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The station is just this one platform, covered in graffiti and little else, but its status as one of the two never opened make it a must see and the interesting route to reach the station guarantees one some adventure.

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