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Report - Healey Mills Train Graveyard, Ossett, May 2012


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Visited this site last night with Silent Witness after a friend of his said it was worth a look.

Healey is a small village and industrial district on the east bank of the River Calder in the southwestern outskirts of Ossett, near Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

Healey Mills used to be a 140 acre site with 57 miles of track.
The site was built in 1959, using three quarters of a million cubic yards of landfill to level the site.
The River Calder was diverted into a new channel to the south of the yard.
Four bridges had to be constructed to carry tracks over the river Calder.

At one time the yard contained 120 sidings.

The marshalling yard closed in 1987 and the rest of the site was finally closed on 3rd February 2012.

Today the yard stands silent and overgrown.
The only trains to occupy the once busy sidings are rusting rolling stock.


Even though the site was derelict with many of the cables now removed, the signals were still lit.


The Healey Mills yard had eight 150ft high steel lighting towers. The floodlights at the top of the tower contained 1500 watt lamps.



The control panel for the effluent pumps! It was rather smelly!!



The Traction Depot where trains would have been serviced.