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Report - Healings Flour Mill and Abbey school - Tewksbury - March 2013

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Originally down this way for something else which didn't go according to plan, so i had a pretty quick look around "Healings Flour Mill" looks like i missed quite a bit, or things have been removed.
Everything has a "Lot Number" attached so i guess its being slowly auctioned off, some rooms pretty empty bar some pipework, tbh i wasn't really feeling it anyway so didn't stay long.
After here we nipped to "The Abbey School" round the corner, can't be arsed doing a separate report as there is fuck all apart from the staircase worse shooting.

Anyway, visited with a non member - History/Pics.......

Tewkesbury has a history of flour milling spanning many centuries. Monks from Tewkesbury abbey used to produce flour at a watermill on the Avon, but by far the most substantial mill was just upstream from here. The photo above shows the massive Healings Mill complex, built for Samuel Healing in 1865. It did not start out that big, but bits were added here and there over the years and it grew into a sprawling tangle of different aged buildings. Luckily, the handsome 1865 buildings survive today.

When built, it was considered to be the largest and most modern flour mill in the world, producing 25 sacks of flour an hour in 1892. It has had, in the course of it's history, three means of transport in and out of it. It had road access via a handsome cast-iron bridge, rail access via the Tewkesbury to Upton-upon-Severn railway line, and canal / river barge access via the Avon. Barges were used right up until 1998, as the mill had two barges named Chaceley and Tirley which transported grain to the mill from Avonmouth and Sharpness.

The mill was purchased by Allied Mills in the 1970s, and was completely refurbished and fitted out with brand new machinery. It was in turn taken over by ADM Milling, but in 2006 they announced the closure of the mill and the loss of around 40 jobs. It milled flour for the last time on October 20th, 2006, ending 140 years of milling on that site.









"The Abbey School" - Staircase, peeling paint.........Meh

Tewkesbury High School for Girls was founded in 1882 by the vicar, Hemming Robeson, as a Church of England day and boarding school. In 1969 the decision was made to unite all schools in Tewkesbury under one roof, and in 1972 Tewkesbury School was founded.

In 1973 the old girls school was taken over by the local Abbey and re-opened with just 5 pupils. Pupils sung evensong at the Abbey four nights a week - Monday to Thursday, as well as their regular schooling.






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