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Report - Heanlys/AEI/TTL cable works - northfleet 31/01/2011


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28DL Full Member
Been waiting for an entrance in this place for a while now, visited today just for a chance to see if anyway in was possible and found that it was simpler then i thought! lucky me!

well it was about 4 and getting dark so pictures were a little rushed missed the power building with all switches and also upstairs in the windings room.

This place looks as if there about to redevelop, over the road at the other site (which is complete) has a new security office and several construction vehicles , This made going on the roof tricky cause my flash would easily be spotted by the guard who seemed to have torches powered by the sun! With scary dogs to match, it was just lucky they were on their side of the road :p

Hard to find any history or photos from the hay day, but here a few photos from the buildings they didn't demolish!

  1. P1190060.jpg

  2. P1190131.jpg

  3. P1190066.jpg

  4. P1190116.jpg

    obligatory Toilet shot
  5. P1190168.jpg

    This made me chuckle!
  6. P1190183.jpg

  7. P1190180.jpg

  8. P1190222.jpg

    And the almighty chair shot!