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Report - Heath house, A 10 storey office block, Southend-on-sea, Essex, October 2014


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This is Heath house, Dubbed the Derp house by myself, a derelict 10 Storey set of offices.

A spontaneous visit with Boomstick84, Rob and Oakley who stayed at the bottom, then decided to crack Carby house next door.

Good views, nice high roof, otherwise a foetid rotting piss poor excuse of a building.

I'll try and give as much history as I can find.


The site was built along side 7 others as a 'gateway to Southend'. Now derelict, the whole of Victoria avenue looks a lot similar to something leading to hell.

Showing past businesses, Heath insurance and University planning had once worked here: http://eastanglia-businessdirectory.com/company-heath-insurance-broking-ltd_191381 and http://southend-on-sea.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/universal-planning-services-16626475.html

It was closed in the 1990's after only 30 years during a large period of debt, this along with the most of Victoria avenue was to remain derelict until the present day.

Wish I had more History, but nothing. Looked everywhere, if anyone finds any, send me a PM or comment here and I'll add it with a credit to yourself. Cheers.

The present site

As it stands, the council's plan hasn't begun yet, the place is still derelict and nothing has begun as of yet. Graffiti, stench, trash and all sorts litter the site. vandals have smashed windows, ripped doors and even a whole brick wall at the top.

Taken from an article:

Former bustling business area of Southend is partly resembling an abandoned ghost town.

Four of the nine office blocks in Victoria Avenue have an eerie feel about them as they are completely empty, with their doors locked shut.

No life can be found within Carby House, Heath House, Victoria House and Premier House.

Carby and Heath were earmarked for development back in 2004, but detailed plans about the development have failed to materialise.

The credit crisis is not helping and it seems it will be a while before developers breathe new life into the once thriving business centre.

The council has long wanted to see the area become an attractive and vibrant “gateway†to the town centre.

Transforming these two empty blocks is pivotal to that vision.

For years Heath House was the flagship of a thriving business community.

But a large question mark has remained over its future and redevelopment after insurance group C E Heath announced it would shut in the 1990s.

Since shutting its doors the building has been boarded-up to prevent further vandalism.

Anna Waite, Southend councillor responsible for planning, said: “I wish I knew what was happening. I haven’t heard anything from the developers for months.


The future

The future of the hole avenue has been uncertain until April this year, the credit crunch caused delays and problems for these sites, but now the council have acquired the sites with compulsory purchase powers and plan to re-develop the area.

The Council has agreed to defer the special meetings which were planned for 2nd September to consider the use of compulsory purchase powers to acquire Heath House and Carby House.

This step has been taken following positive meetings between officers and the owner’s agents which have revealed that the owner is in advanced stages of negotiation for the sale of the properties so that development can be brought.

Councillor Ron Woodley, Leader of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, said: “This progress is good news and is as a result of the initiative taken by the Council in entering in to discussions with the owner and the general upturn in the property market.â€

The Council has a clear ambition to see these dilapidated buildings redeveloped to assist with the regeneration of Victoria Avenue, as well as removing a blot on the landscape. The Council’s preference is also that this regeneration be undertaken by the private sector, so that public money can be used for further initiatives to regenerate the area.

Accordingly, the Council does not want to take any steps at this stage which could jeopardise the successful conclusion of the negotiations, hence the reason for not proceeding with the meetings on 2nd September.


Planning/other applications: http://southend.jdi-consult.net/localplan/viewrepfull.php?repid=1273

The visit/explore

An odd site, huge building that's been derelict for a while, enjoyable and worth it if you've got a spare 5 minutes to run to the top and back again.

It stinks at the bottom and is likely to be used for a temporary home, canvas and pit of pestilence for the local alcoholics and druggies. Needles for all.

But after the get past the rotted first floor (i skipped it all together and climbed to the 2nd), it lightens up and the smell wafts away leaving you with a nice breeze from all the smashed windows, not as much graffiti as I thought either, then it's to the top.

the others were at the top of Carby next door and sent a wave. I'll post some pics up if they're happy.


On with the pics.

A couple East external shots of the rotting shell



Inside, where vandals had started demolition themselves by literally ripping this brick wall down.


A view from a window of what I believe is Victoria house (could be wrong), it was supposedly due for demolition 3 years ago.


Window cleaner's lift with fuses ripped


Another view from a window


As a say relatively clean for what it is and where it is


Lift motor room sign


The roof with the window cleaner's lift in view


Another roof shot


A view over Carby looking South to South-East


Looking South-West


Looking down with Carby


Looking North over Southend


A window shot looking South-East


Pillars and emptiness, if you visit, watch out for the holes in the floor as they are sudden and drop at least 1 storey. The lift shaft too.


Looking South


Window cleaner's platform


Finally, a pic of some dodgy demolition looking North


Thinking back and looking at these pics, i wonder what i saw in the place, then I remembered the roof, amazing, view of everything. It's on of the Tallest buildings in the area and is easy once inside, no security. The roof is just great, I could've easily sat up there in a deck chair with a few drinks. Very relaxing and just chill. It'd be ace if someone got up there for night shots on a nice evening with a sun set to watch disappear.

Hope you enjoyed it, get along if you want to have a picnic. Just feels really good to be that high up. Also a perfect opportunity for some awesome long exposed night shots of the town and surrounding area.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Re: Heath house, a 10 storey office block, Southend, Essex, October

Great pics, pretty damn good for an off the cuff explore :thumbs


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Re: Heath house, a 10 storey office block, Southend, Essex, October

Haha, took me a while to read through your essay at the start, but it's well written. I like finding a quick old roof to run to the top of. Nice photos as an end product :thumb
Ah, I appreciate that a lot my friend, didn't think much of it to begin with but it was very enjoyable to say the least. :)


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Nice report mate. :thumb

Props for getting in, had the building held a little more personal appeal (and I was as nimble as you are! :D)I might have given it a better go myself, looks like the roof was worth it in the end!
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Great pics mate. Well done on entry, proper grease man style!

I'll send you over the snaps I took of you from the other building roof. :thumb


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Wow! Awesome work here! Iv been trying to gain entry into this one for months without any hope! Iv done the building directly next door to this though!

M40A3 Carrl

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Nice Pics I started a school project on this and I really enjoyed doing it I hope I can gain access. Also you know the graffiti of the chicken bone by the roof my friends brother did that's he's a cheeky fuck ;)

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