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Report - Heath Town Baths - Wolverhampton - January 2012


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Heath Town Baths - Wolverhampton - January 2012

Visited with Host

This wasn't too bad and made for a nice diversion on the way home from something else as we still had an hour or two of light to play with. I've never seen Host move so fast, we've heard bad stories about this place and to be honest it did have a funny feel to it. Anyway, after about 5 minutes we were back in the car on the way home... that man can move :D

'Heath Town's structurally integrated Public Baths and Library - an architectural two-in-one was built in 1932 to the design of the Wolverhampton Borough Engineer's Department, after several years' discussion in separate Council Committees, the Art Gallery and Public Library Committee and the Parks and Baths Committee. The building has both architectural and social-historical importance locally, and architectural significance nationally

In 2003 the city council declared that there were structural problems with the baths; and closed them. For two years the building was notable for its increasing dereliction. In June 2005 it was announced that the council were in discussions with the Primary Care Trust with a view to turning the baths into a community health centre. At present it still remains abandoned. '








Cheers :thumb


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