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Lead or Rumour info - Heathrow Gate Hotel, Hayes, April 2014


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28DL Full Member
Hi all, been a while since I put something up, still pretty new to it.

Anyway, the former Heathrow Gate Hotel in Hayes on the Uxbridge Road just before Southall Broadway which has been empty for years is in the final stages of demolition now, how long it's got i'm not sure.

Lots of the windows are open, and a demolition crew is based there.

Myself and Normicas checked it out the other evening, no security so was just a matter of strolling in really bar a wall/fence.

It's not that much different from another post on here circa 2009, apart from most of the metals gone, pitch black on the ground floor but the stairwell provided surprisingly good light and the roof gives some truly fantastic views, even Hayes looks good from above, and London in the distance is always a pleasure.
Unfortunately I can't post any pics as we weren't really planning to go in, so some poor iPhone snaps/videos is all I have which is a real shame as its one the best and easiest explores I've done, especially as a pigeon nearly gave my friend a heart attack!

Anyway, if you want some fantastic views, act sooner rather than later as it'll be gone soon.

Songsofthedoomed and Normicas.

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