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Report - Heating Plant K - Czech Republic - September 2019


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Last year on our way back from our unsuccessful trip around abandoned coal mines in eastern parts of the Czech Republic we've made a stop in this inconspicuous town with a nice heating plant. There is little-to-no information about this heating plant anywhere. It was probably built to supply a nearby sugar mill (as a matter of fact defunct and half-demolished now as well) and presumably ran on a combination of coal and gas. It had 4 boilers, 2 coal-fired ones (I'm mostly guessing but there were 2 electrostatic fly ash separators) and 2 gas-fired ones (without the separators - before the Czech Republic entered the EU, the regulations for power plants were way more lenient). At the time of our visit, one of the gas-fired boilers had already been removed. The heating plant has already stopped production in 2006, which is as far as satellite images go, but my guess is around 2004 or earlier. Apart from the boilers, one 6MW Skoda backpressure steam turbine was there, though the turbine hall was in the middle of dismantling. Considering the fact that the plant was abandoned for 15+ years, it was in a fine condition. The site is now in demolition - the boilers have been removed and the insides are being scrapped. The demolition started about three weeks after our visit, so talk about just-in-time. I don't have many photos because we were in a hurry to see a steel plant while the sun was up, but all the important parts are covered.

Now on with the photos


A view of the gas-fired boiler from our entry point. The hole in the ground is where the second one was. You can see the exhaust vent cut off.


A detail of a side of the boiler from the previous photo.


In between the two coal-fired boilers.


The turbine hall with a 6MW Skoda turbine. Most of the dismantled stuff is behind the camera.


The biggest treat of the location - the control room. Surprisingly enough it still had power. The photo is a panorama, hence the weird lines.

The end, thanks for reading.​


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I would absolutely love to get into a place like this with all the metal gantries, staircases and platforms. Not only do they look awesome to clamber all over, they always photograph so well, too!
Great photos here, lit really atmospherically.