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Heavily wooded / overgrown 'urbex'


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I wasn't sure where to post this. I had a search through too.

I'm very interested in the more ruinous side of urbex - where 10+ year old trees are growing out of the structures. Nearly all my photos involve plant life as the focus with the ruins around it.

Could I ask if people here know of such sites in the UK? The reason I've started this thread is that all kinds of categories fit into here. But it all returns to the soil eventually.


p.s. Canals are good. And woodlands in Scotland (a few overgrown homesteads after the highland clearances). It's easy with the old stuff. I was just wondering about more modern, and yet overgrown, sites.


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Have a look through the 'Other' section plenty of derp in there mate, failing that have a word with Els, he's the best person for advice with that sort of stuff :thumb