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Report - Heckington Manor/Ferdowse Clinic - (Jan 2016)


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History: This wonderful looking property was built in the 1800s as a manor house and eventually became the only residential clinic for alcoholics within the Lincolnshire area.

Dr Mostafa Morsy, a specialist of addiction treatment, spent around £300,000 bringing the former Heckington Manor up to scratch and opening a successful private practice for the treatment of alcoholism in the late 1980s. In 2003, the government had drastically cut funding for this sort of treatment in favour of drug treatments and Dr Morsy had no other option other than to close the doors of his pride and joy. During it’s operation, the clinic treated over 2000 patients; one of whom gave an interview to the BBC upon hearing of it’s planned closure.

‘Tom Edwards had a drinking problem for 30 years before coming to the clinic.
It cost him his career in the televison industry and many of his friends.
He said: "I was going round in a kind of vicious circle. When I crossed the threshold of the Heckington clinic my battle with the bottle was done - and the bottle had won - I had given in.“’
Since his treatment he has been alcohol-free for three years.

Since being disused, the property has been vandalised heavily and ironically has bottles and cans of alcohol strewn around the property.

The Explore: I caught the train up to Heckington in late January. The weather wasn't great but it wasn't raining, so I couldn't complain. After finding my way in I found myself immediately regretting that I hadn't brought a more powerful torch as most of the ground floor was in complete darkness. It was bordering stressful as I walked around the lower floor before coming to the first room which was lit. From there I managed to get my confidence back and moved upstairs to explore there. Unfortunately I didn't get to stay too long and I didn't get to explore every room so I may have to go back yet!

I apologise in advance if some of the photos aren't to people's taste. I wanted to create a moody look in my editing and I figured it'd be better anyway rather than having the exact same photos as everyone else.











Thanks for taking a look!
For full resolution images check out my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129752369@N05/



Is this the future?
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I really like the moody feel you've gone for, that really works with a place like this I think. I would prefer to see more in a shot, some feel like a lot is missed out of them. Having said that, your shots are really crisp, so they're certainly not bad.

Nice report :thumb Definitely something ironic about the cans you found around the place lol.


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yeh i'm digging that.... ive had first hand experiences of places like this, you nailed it proper, nice one ;)[/QUOTE]


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Thanks, fellas! I appreciate the kind words.
What exactly do you mean about seeing more in a shot, WildBoyz? I'm not taking offence, just looking for ways to improve!

Andy Marshall

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Nice photos mate. We were there just after you. Although we never saw the TVs. What a lovely place it is. Did you look in the old stables where someone had been living. Just gotta watch out for old needles in this place. I think we did every room but missed the cellar. Anyone else been in the cellar ?


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Thank you very much, Andy!
I had no idea there even was a cellar, haha. It's definitely worth a re-visit anyway because I also missed some of the rooms on the ground floor, unfortunately. Rookie mistakes, haha
I'd love to see a report from you if you get a chance to post it!


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A shame to see somewhere like this so fucked. When I went it was like an obstacle course on the stairs and the top floor was pretty bad with water ingress.

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