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Report - Hellingly (6 bad pics) 1996-7 ish


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Last ever report from me from Hellingly, wasnt ever going to post these as there so poor but thought some might be interested.

Hellingly has always been a legendery place around here, someone will always know someone that worked there or was a patient there or who saw a ghost there so on and so on...

In the mid ninties stories started to circle around that "the old haunted hospital" in Hellingly had shut down, being teenagers we thought this would be a great laugh to go down there and do some ghost hunting:rolleyes:, we drove down there that night full of bavado parked on the road and set of through the gardens in the direction of the hospital, as we got closer to this huge building no one was prepared for the sheer scale of the place, this building was in front of us in the moon light with all the bottom windows boarded up and some of the windows upstairs open with the curtains hanging out blowing in the wind, suddenly none of us were feeling so brave and it was a race back to the saftey of the car, this was the first time i ever set eyes on Hellingly Hospital.

we spent that summer exploring the hospital slowly working our way through opening all the internal doors and dodging the 2 old security gaurds who would sometimes patrol the long corridors with there alsation, wards were still set up and padding was still in the cells, around the back of the main block there was a huge patio with plants and trees just starting to look unkept.

Back then no one even thought about taking a camera in, it was just seen as a place to mess around in, no one cared about the history or the design of the place it was just a huge playground, these pictures are the only ones i have from the 90's i think they were taken about 2-3 years after we first explored the place.



This was used as a garage, it was at the back of the boiler rooms (the little burnt out shed where you had to climb over all the car exhausts)


Along time ago there was actualy glass in the hall windows

And tiles still on the roof



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Im certainly interested in old pictures, i dont suppose you would have anymore?


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Oh, nice one, thanks for posting. I'm loving these as they show it more closely looking like the hospital it was rather than the shell we've come to know it as.

If you come across any more i'm very keen to see them


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I've seen recent photos of Hellingly and its amazing how decrepit a place will get in such a short amount of time.
Is that hallway flooded? =\


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Were there padded cells left in the main hospital then? i remember the remains of that one in the annex!


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Superb stuff!

Makes me pretty sad seeing those nice hall windows though.

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