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Report - Hellingly Hospital 90s-2000

Calamity Jane

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Great run through history here. Good to see old photos, but sad you saw the decline over the years. Got to be lots & lots of memories for you & your wife. Great report, loved it :thumb


Trip Hopping
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Haha that's awesome, deffinitley the most sketchy water tower back then, those last rotton steps just hanging & then walking around the half bricks on the wall leaning on the water tanks to get up the last bit, fuck doing that now.
I reckon Whitchurch won't be far off that state now, tried fixing the water pipe that was causing the ingress but needed a 20m ladder!


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I remember setting the alarm off in the chapel around 2007. It was used for storage of medical records i think? It had bits partitioned off to make store rooms. I happened to be down there again 5 or 6 years ago looking for a tip and the chapel was bust open. Wasn't really kitted out for photos but i managed a few of the infamous 'treasure room'.. Basically the vestry had been filled with boxes of all kinds of old hospital paraphernalia when the place closed (or before maybe?). I wasn't the first in there, it had been well rifled and looted, (i was always told silverstealth made away with most of the best stuff which is entirely believable). I went over it with a fine toothcomb for a couple of hours anyway and actually did find some cool stuff people had missed. Unfortunately i didn't have my tripod to take proper photos but these might add something.. I do remember the original set of photos with notices from the salon and things like that.. Shame it all fades into obscurity.







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Quality report that Jay. I love hearing peoples stories about places, especially when it’s somewhere you have spent omuch time over a very long period.

Great to see the old photo’s. Keep these old reports coming man.


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Absolutely epic, thank you for sharing the memories and the old school photos. Nice to see it wasnt always devastated, pity to see the picture of the arson attack. I hate that people do this to gorgeous old buildings. Im really interested to read the stories of others too. Thanks for all the sharing guys!

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