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Report - Hellingly Hospital/ Assylum - East Sussex - August '10


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This report is based on two visits to Hellingly on fri 13th aug (no really!) and weds 18th.

Link to layout of Hellingly-----> http://www.ghost-trains.com/hellingly-layout.php

On arrival it was clear that the developers have been very busy, and the builders were prevalent all over the area. As a result we thought we'd chance our arm and simply ask if we could have a wander around to take some photos, to our supprise the foreman agreed on the understanding that we'd accept full responsibility of any injury on our part.

First visit fri 13th aug
On our first visit we wanted to focus on the hall, the male accute block and surrounding areas.

This shows the water tower with male block behind it and the hall to our left. You can see that the mortury, the works department, the block with the fantastic graf of the nude in the bath in the blue room have all gone. Even the heating plant has gone, allthough ammusingly the two massive boilers are still there, I overheard the builders saying that they didn't know how to get rid of the tanks because they are full to the brim of ancient heating oil!


The hall is a shadow of its former self, all the floor and wooden panneling has been removed. I'm assuming this is destined for the next phase of demolishion.


He's still there for now


The windows still show an essence of their former glory


All the central connecting corridors have gone


This block to the left of the hall as viewed from the road still stands (love this bit of graffitti)



Next we headed into the male accute block. It has been 100% gutted, everything has been removed, the lead wieghts from the sash windows were piled up everywhere. It makes me really happy to see that they're demolishing it in such a way that a lot of it can be reclaimed for architectural salvage. There were piles of bricks on pallets dotted about ready for removal along with wooden roof rafters etc.


Still the odd pile of interesting bits to find






This corridor which had extensive smoke damage shows how much has gone, all the doors, door frames and floor boards.


Second vist report focussing on the Female Chronic & Epileptic Block and the Female Chronic Block to follow with some good suprises.
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