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Report - Hellingly Nov 09


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Hey, after looking and reading other peoples reports, I think it is now time to contribute. :thumb

Hellingly Asylum, Nov 09 with Urban buddy “mookster” (and we should of met Ralphie there, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to make it)

Here’s a bit of brief history, I know it’s been done plenty of times.

Taken from (FP). The East Sussex County Lunatic Asylum opened its doors in 1903. It is built close to the small village of Hellingly, in South East England. The architect G.T. Hine designed the Victorian hospital on a very large scale, spreading the many buildings on a huge campus.
Isolated from everything, having only one single road and its own train line, the psychiatric asylum remained self-sufficient for years.
Patients & staff used to live under the same roof in the many red brick buildings linked by closed hallways, and offering "therapeutic" and relaxing views on the surrounding quiet and green countryside.
The asylum closed its doors in 1994; since then it is decaying, forgotten and rotting in the middle of nowhere...

After getting stressed and annoyed that it took me 1.5 hours to travel 13miles to my local train station, to pick up my urban buddy mookster, we headed on our way. We made good time, so we decided to stop at some services where I was a bit enthusiastic driving through a puddle that I swear didn’t look deep. Oops, steam everywhere. Lol,

We made it to Hellingly so we got ourselves ready and started on our long trip to get in. firstly we had to navigate the swamps of eternal stench with its slippery, wet, rotten walkways, then squeeze our way through the lost woods, through big mean (eat out your eyes) brambles, across the side of a farmers “soggy” field and over vine twisted gates. WAIT! A new path with fresh car tracks on. Shhh over there lets go, needless to say we got in fine, and it was one of the best explores I have done !

I do like to banter, but on with the show. Oh and this is my first report so any good or bad points would be helpful. Cheers











Thanks for looking, and look forward mookster to the next few we will be doing !


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