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Hello from Aberdeenshire!


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28DL Full Member
Hello all,

Thanks for letting me join! I've always had a fascination with old, forgotten, ruined places, and have been exploring places 30-odd yrs, since I were a lass. The history and character of such places can be intoxicating, and I love immersing myself and my imagination anywhere that 'once was'! I like to know the history of places, and I am interested in archaeology and cultural heritage. Looking forward to perusing the posts on here in the evenings.

I've been living in NE Scotland for just over a decade now, and have found some interesting wee places on my travels while geocaching and dog walking. I'd like to use my camera more so it would be good to get out at the right time of day for some arty shots! I have hill experience and knowledge of visitor management and the SOAC, so I use common sense and respect when accessing places. If there's anyone nearby (Ellon'shire') who would be interested in meeting up to visit places, just give me a shout!

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
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Welcome along to 28DL and look forward to seeing some reports :thumb

I just pass through Aberdeen every month or so, but think there's a few locals in the area. Some nice pill boxes just down the road from you and you'll have no doubt been to Slains Castle.


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28DL Full Member
Thanks Lone Ranger, give me a shout when you know you're going to be up this way next. Yeah Slains Castle is really interesting, I know of a few wee cottages off the beaten track locally too. It takes a bit of research to find the lesser known places, but there's plenty around!

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