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Hello from Bradford!


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Good Evening and I hope everyone is having a great New-years, I am an 19 year old photographer based within Bradford that does Landscape and mainly City Photography but I am wanting Urban Photography to take up a large portion of the shots I shoot too!, I have mainly refrained from going out and shooting in local places because I don't think exploring alone is for me haha, I am wondering if there is anyone local to Bradford that is also wanting to go Urban Exploring with someone!, I believe contribution is key in this hobby as it's the community that keeps information growing and I would offer some information in a report but unfortunately I have not done an Urban place yet so I don't have any information or pictures to contribute yet and I apologise in regards to that, But I hope to contribute heavily in the future. Thank you for reading my introduction and I hope to find someone like-minded that is also looking for a partner.


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You'll need to get a few reports up first before anyoen will invite you out/trade locations with you. Have a look at the search box and see what you can find in your local area. Your first few dont have to be anything special.

Also It'll help you greatly if you read these two threads, they explain how things work around here.

Any other questions just ask :thumb

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