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Hello from Bristol


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28DL Member
I've been exploring for the last year and have done six solo missions.
It's my new found love after being on the squat party and rave scene for many of my younger years.
Being at uni studying photography and having two children limits my time to go out but I'd love to meet up with other people and share my findings.
I will post up my photos from my missions over the last year, apologies for them not being from recent months but I am hoping to go out on and explore a couple of places this week and let off some steam!! So hopefully I will be able to share some newer pictures.
I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the knowledge.


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As Oort has mentioned, there is a tonne of us down in Bristol it seems.

Me and a friend of mine tend to go out exploring on a regular basis now - if you ever fancy tagging along just ping me a message.

Good luck in your explores, I like ok forward to seeing what you post!

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