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Hello from Derbyshire!!


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Hi everyone!!
I'm new to this whole urban exploring thing.. I recently took a trip to Ukraine to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat (probably a bit extreme for my first explore!) But I absolutey loved it!! I really want to get into a bit more around my local area. I was just wondering if anybody has any good recommendations for places in Derbyshire?
Thank you! :)


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Pop your location in to the search bar and have a look through the reports :)


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Welcome from Leicester
There's a fair bit around Derbyshire. Like Mentioned before, Use the Searchbar to find places near you


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ambergate is oakhurst house, where the lad fell the roof a while back, i knew him through a few local lads, very sad, one silly move and through the roof of the factories and now no longer with us :(

Also heard you can get into the assembly rooms at derby not sure if construction work has begun to replace the building though, i know they plan on demolishing and replacing with a new build.

The factories over the river at matlock just before you enter matlock bath are interesting with a couple of mines going into the cliffs, very very dirty red pigment inside though wouldn't recommend going inside when the trains are running as a series of pallets form the roof supports which shake violently when a train goes overhead...

The permanite works at matlock too. Butterley works were accessible but somebody may have ruined that from an arson attack :wanker

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