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Hello from Devon!


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28DL Full Member
Hello everyone!

Wow! It has to be going on 12 years since I posted! I was an active member whom went on quite a few UE's with site members and Admin, but life got in the way (moved, had babies, went to Uni...). However, urban exploration has never been very far from my heart!

It's great to see the site has flourished and that there are still loads of familiar faces (names) around! What sparked my urge to look you guys up was the fact that my partner has just brought a Dji Spark and we had one of those moments... both thinking how much of a shame this tech wasn't around when we were doing UE! Especially considering most of the Asylum's are too big or inaccessible to reach all of the buildings!

Anyways, we are going to get back in to it within a few months, but I mostly wanted to give a shout out to everyone here and say I admire you all for your determination, passion and talent and thank you for sharing it all with us!



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Hi and welcome back hope so see some stuff from you pop up new and old.

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