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Hello from Flintshire


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My name is Joe, i'm 27 and i'm from Holywell in Flintshire in North Wales.

My main interests are abandoned train lines and tunnels, halls/mansions, quarry sites and general large buildings. Not really a fan of ridiculous heights so i tend to look at the underground! I'm interested in the history about the sites and also interested in seeing what other people have explored these sites before me. I work as a designer and have a generic interest in art so I always enjoy seeing graffiti left at sites from over the years and wonder how they got there or how long they've been there (not sure if many other people would agree as i know people have their different opinions on this).

I've explored a fair bit in my local area and North Wales so i'm hoping to upload a few reports soon, some include the Grange Caverns in Holywell, Upper Downing Hall in Whitford, Baron Hill in Anglesey and most recently the bomb store in Llanberis.



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Hello and welcome along, sounds like you've got some good ideas, check this out too:

All the best :)


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Welcome to 28DL Joe.

Holywell...spoiled for choice for underground then ;)
Shame there is so little left of the mills along Greenfield......even more of a shame that they haven't demolished the worst cafe in Wales (in the old house near Basingwerk).

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