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Hello from Leicester!


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28DL Member
Hello people! Somehow I've stumbled across this website and thought it will be a great idea to meet some new people from Leicester area to explore together.
my name's Alice, I'm 3rd year architecture student, moved to UK from Poland. I used to explore a lot back home, in Szczecin - unfortunately I don't know many people in Leicester, exploring alone may be quite dangerous so I had to temporarily give up on urbex.
I love photography - my best friends are my nikon, old fim minolta and bunch of old polaroids. Feel free to drop me a message if you are looking for companionship in discovering new amazing places, I will be very grateful!

Have a nice afternoon!


(Photo taken in Szczecin in abandoned school)


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28DL Full Member
Hey there are a lot of us around Leicestershire! But yeah as @Kiean14 says have you got an insta?

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