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Hello from Manchester, Stirling and Sweden


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Heya folks.

FIrstly, sorry for the weird sounding title - I'm living in Sweden at the moment with my girlfriend, but was in Stirling (Scotland) until relatively and am a Manchester lad at heart, and Manchester's the city that got me interested in UE. Currently a student writing his thesis on - you guessed it - UE. In the coming days I'll be posting a survey for people to answer if they're interested so if you like talking about urban exploration and why people enjoy it, keep an eye out for that! My personal involvement in exploration is minimal sadly, only really got interested in it through my studies and corona has made things awkward... but I'll change that one day.

If any mods read this post I'd also like to ask a couple of questions about the best way to go about posting my survey :)



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Bit of a strange thread all round this one, hopefully we can change your mind and get you interested and motivated to show us what sweeden has to offer.

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