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Hello from NE Somerset!


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Hello! I’ve been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now, having recently moved to the area and keen to explore a few more of the less well-trodden parts. NE Somerset seems to have an abundance of quarries which I’ve started to look round, and I’ve also seen some really interesting reports on here that I’m keen to see for myself (doing the research, finding the location, waiting for the right conditions etc). I’m armed with a Sony A7II and an old DJI mavic for aerials. Looking forward to testing the waters following a few well established reports before compiling my own. I have a few in mind, although it is a bit more rural exploration (rurex?) than urbex in the immediate vicinity!


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Hello, and welcome from further across in N Somerset! It seems you have the right idea regarding the forum and how to proceed so I shan't ramble on about that. Do have a read of the following threads though, which outline some housekeeping of the place and some tips for posting a report when you do eventually have some content for one:

Good to have you on board. We try to have semi-regular Bristol meet ups in the pub etc (or did pre-pandemic anyway) so when we're able to again, will whack a thread up on the forum to allow any new faces to get involved. Any questions, fire away. :thumb

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