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Hello from North Cornwall

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I've been exploring for over two years now and I've finally decided to start posting reports. I'm 18 and I will soon be going to uni in Plymouth. Most of the sites I have visited are in Cornwall but have traveled further afield to great places. I have a particular fascination with the china clay industry extensive remains which have been completely forgotten with other works closed more recently as Imerys moves its operations abroad.
I decided to make a map to show the sites I plan to visit and have got carried away over the past year, plotting nearly 6000 locations throughout Europe, mainly finding sites from Google maps- its become a bit of an addiction!


I've also decided to include 20 of my photos on this thread to give an idea of where I have been. Most of the photos are from the past year as my pictures are much better now that I have a Nikon D600 and learn't how to use it.

First off, I've gone with 15 of my favorites from Cornwall:

DBD_4740 2.jpg

The control room to a china clay refinery

DBD_3301 2.jpg

The remains of a horizontal steam winder used to take sand to the tips

DBD_3413 2.jpg

The winding drum from another steam winder, partly cut up for scrap

DBD_9043 2.jpg

The furnace doors to a pan kiln, used to dry the clay

DSC_6885 2.jpg

This building once housed two huge rotary dries, though there long removed

DBD_5260 2.jpg

one of the two buell dries at Par docks was partly demolished a number of years ago

DBD_3843 2.jpg

looking down into a clay pit showing two pump houses

DSC_8466 2.jpg

moving away from the china clay industry to a remarkably intact waterwheel once used to power farm machinery

DSC_8448 2.jpg

a former tin openwork. this was a challenge to get down to!

DBD_2735 2.jpg

a rather nice tunnel leading to a large quarry, now overgrown and boring

DSC_6971 2.jpg

Penhale camp

DSC_4111 2.jpg

the smashed sinks at an airfield

DBD_0111 2.jpg

beautiful brickwork in the magazine of a coastal battery

DBD_3373 2.jpg

a very well preserved ROC post complete with a soggy carpet

DBD_3210 2.jpg

Derelict cottage on Bodmin moor, the wall on the right is covered with asbestos panels

Moving on to some of the sites i have explored outside of Cornwall

DBD_1242 2.jpg

an older and more complete buell dry

DBD_1344 2.jpg

generators used to produce electricity next to a textile mill which burned down in the 30s

DBD_1498 2.jpg

Sunnyside infirmary

DBD_0410 2.jpg

it was incredibly dark down here, even in the day

DBD_2626 2.jpg

and finally a long way down, i think around 40m :eek:

thanks for looking
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Looks good. I'd like to see more from the China clay works. Every time I go down there (which admittedly isn't that much) I fancy looking at more of that industry but never get very far...

Maybe stick up a big report of all the different parts you have done?

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There's loads of china clay related stuff around and I'm working on a report to cover the processes and the surviving remains. If you're ever pop down let me know and I'll give you a tour. There are a lot of other small industrial places in Cornwall though you've already the best one!

Did you recognize where the last two pictures are from? ;)


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Great first post, welcome aboard from Devon!


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a refreshing new member introduction. Makes a nice change from the usual....I want to be taken, I want to form an urbex crew, give me locations, here's my YouTube, etc. Welcome along and I look forward to seeing some of your reports. :thumb

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