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Hello, from North Somerset.


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28DL Full Member
New member here, though I have lurked for a while.

I am sorry to say that I have got too old and fat to do much urban exploring these days, though I enjoyed it when younger.
It is certainly interesting to read of the exploits of others, and perhaps to offer comments or suggestions.

My particular interest is old technology, particularly old electrical equipment. I have therefore found the section on old industrial sites to be particularly interesting.

I am also interested in civil defence, both historical and present day so the "ROC posts" section and other civil defence related reports are most interesting.
My all time favourite is the series of reports regarding the Burlington bunker.

Other interests include politics, economics and current affairs, though I do understand that is not the place to talk about politics except perhaps peripherally AND when directly relevant.

BTW, a friend owns a cold war bunker ! They believe that it was built privately for the previous owner of the house, by the same contractors who built the ROC posts as it has many features in common, but is much larger.
It consists of two rooms or areas, each is the same width and height as an ROC post, but twice the length. Two such rooms are joined together in an "L" shape.
One end has a vertical access shaft just like an ROC post in all respects.
The other end has a secure and blast resistant door into the basement of the house.

It is equipped with mains electricity which of course is unlikely to be available after any emergency, but is useful whilst times are normal, mains lighting, a battery charger, a dehumidifier and a large fridge are connected to the mains.

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
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Welcome to 28DL, never too old and fat to go exploring; there's plenty who fit that discription on here (but I won't name them ;) ) who still get out and about :thumb

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