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Hello from Roy (katana)


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28DL Full Member
Hi people

A lot of you will know me, Roy Fellows, Cwmystwyth Mines, Dinas, and a director of CAL.. Looking forward to joining in the discussions.
Beside mines I have a side interest in 19th cent military sites, and have been following these and the mines threads for some time, but until now I haven't joined the site.

I have met a few of you in the past, and look forward to meeting more of you.

Take care.


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28DL Full Member
Nice to see you on here ! I’ve been looking at your lights for years now trying to justify needing one , one day I hope , hope you enjoy the site

The Lone Ranger

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Welcome finally to 28DL, and look forward to your contributions here.


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Welcome along, your reputation proceeds you, I like the military stuff myself.
I look forward to any contributions you add.

Down and beyond

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28DL Full Member
Welcome my friend hopefully will see you soon on are meet :thumb

I didn’t no about this military interest of yours I love ww1 and ww2 stuff

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Down and beyond

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28DL Full Member
Roy fellows mate is owner of Cwmystwyth mine also involved in lots of other things and a very high figure in the mine exploring world .

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