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Hello from sheffield!!!


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Hello and thank you for reading,

I am a new member but long time reader of 28 days later, and have finally decided to transition from just exploring for fun, and i am going to start document my journeys.

you can just call me Vic, or haych and i'm based of out Sheffield for point of reference.

Too be honest i have explored a lot of what Sheffield has and had to offer and took some photos but not enough to do a full detailed report. (might have enough of cannon brewery but it has been over done so may not post them.

my passion for exploring has led me to hours of reading ( in the office whilst i should be working) about all of underground stuff ( drains and culverts etc) and have really admired some of the stuff from @tallginge @tarkovsky @Ojay and many more, and has pushed me too take my exploring deeper (literally)

any tips and advice would be really appreciated, and i am looking forward to sharing my stories and reports with you all and hopefully eventually meet some like minded people for some adventures


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Hey, welcome to 28DL :thumb

Good on you for joining up! It's the first step, and I'm sure you won't regret it. It's good to hear that you've already done a lot - I know what you mean about photos too; sometimes I only take one or two but still have a reet old blast.
Have a read of these threads if you haven't already - they give more of an insight into the forum and how things work:

I hope you continue to have more adventures and look forward to what you share with us on here :D


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Welcome along.
Often people will have a great set of pics from various explores and post them up under an umbrella thread, for example you could post the pics you do have under a thread called Sheffield bits or somthing.
Either way I look forward to seeing your adventures.

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