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Hello from Shropshire/WestMids


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Been doing some small scale exploration for years with an old friend due to us both having a lot of free time. Hoping to find something a bit more impressive than a derelict shed as we've exhausted the places that we know in our local area, advice and info always welcome
- A


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I’m from Shropshire myself, do you know anything that’s currently abandoned?
I haven’t yet visited anything. Some places have forbidden areas.


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Welcome :thumb I'm sure there will be other places near you - have a look as there's so much content on here.. use the search function at the top. If nothing comes up with your town name etc, try a larger town or city nearby and there's bound to be something!


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Hey Azbat, I'm from Shropshire and found a few small places too. If you cross the border into Wales, there's loads more out there. A lot of old Georgian and period estates, farmhouses - that sort of thing. What part of Shropshire are you from?


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Hello fellow Salopians! Just joined and have been exploring some of the local ROC bunkers. Give me a shout if you're interested!

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