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Hello from South Bucks!


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28DL Member
Not really sure how to introduce myself, probably a names a good starting point so;

Hey i'm Tom, currently doing A-Levels and the reason i came across this site is for my A-Level Photography,

Diving into the world of Urbex and the genre of photography (Also called Urbex), as the thread title says i'm from South Buckinghamshire and have been to two sites so far on my ventures, both went really well and got good photos (reports coming in the next couple days), as well as a generic post about kit and a mask (I hope to visit lots more sites, heard a P100 is suitable for asbestos, other chemicals and pollutants which are harmful and i'm also in it for the long run, not just this project as my hobby to do with urban exploration grows.

I look forward to being part of this community and eventually a famous photographer (I hope),


The Quiet one
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Hey dude !

It would be really awesome to maybe meet up and do some exploring as i have not found many members close to the area !!

Drop me your IG and ill give you a follow !!

Look forward to speaking to you soon !!

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