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Hello From South East Kent


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28DL Member
Hi my name is Jack (aka, CaptainWacko) I am 24 and live in Upchurch Kent.

I am a new explorer and am thoroughly enjoying it so far, have been to a few places in Kent but looking to explore as much as possible in my local area and the surrounding ones as well.

I am really wanting to meet up with other explorers in my area and any from further a field to experience as much as the UK can offer to explore.

Looking forward to hearing from my fellow explorers and the adventures we shall have in the future.




28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hello! Welcome I am new too ! Heading to your area this weekend for an explore! If any good places to recommend im all ears ! I’m from Bedfordshire !


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welcome to 28! there are a good few members here all based around Kent. Myself included. Plenty to explore and plenty of decent people to explore with. Maybe start by sticking up some photos of explores you have done already? show people you have a genuine interest then you will find much more opportunity to meet others.

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