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Hello from St helens

John Wolfman Haworth

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28DL Full Member
I'm 31 and I'm from st helens, Lancashire.
I've been watching alot of urbex vids on YouTube (started off watching 'exploring with fighters', been advised against them and I've just started watching 'the urban collective' videos) and find it fascinating, the beauty of how time suddenly stops still and nature and decay takes over. I would like to actively give it a go but I've absolutely no idea where to start or of any urbexable sites round here. Is there any st helens/wigan urbexers on here?


(p. S- I actually registered a few years ago, but didn't really do anything, and at the time I had a different nickname and now I can't change my username. lol)
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John Wolfman Haworth

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thank you
I've found a couple of sites in St Helens, luckily in walking distance from my house. I've taken some photos and a vid... Once I find out more history on them, I'll post them on here.

BTW.. I've set up my own YouTube channel, only because Facebook only let's me upload like a couple of minutes of video at a time. 'Baron' s Urbex'...ive only made 1 video at the moment, but there's more in the pipeline.


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28DL Full Member
hi pal. I'm from st helens myself. looking to get into as well if you fancy some company on your next one?

ive no idea where to start myself. id like to try local before I venture out. where did you go to do your first vid?

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